Shri Hanuman Balaji temple, Vivek Vihar, Delhi has 40 kg of pure silver statue of Shri Hanumanji, every day Shri Hanuman Balaji’s abhishak has been done with all formalities. This statue is unique in the world. So big and other equivalent statue is not available anywhere.

Construction work of statue has been started on 2000 and completed on 16.06.2000 under the supervision of skilled craftsmen of silver Shri Rajendra Kumar ji of Varansi and divine life has been established.

This statue gives god’s message to devotee and inspires to live with peace and humility. Murthy Abhishek has been done using milk, curd, ghee, honey, Bura, ganga jal, goumutra, gobar, chawal, tulsidl, flower and with Mantraucharan. This takes about 1 hour. By this way Shri Hanuman Balaji’s abhishek give benefit of Lord Mahakal Shiva abhishek and wishes come true because Shri Hanuman Ji is also Rudra avatar. Just to inform you that this is the only place where Shri Balaji’s this kind of abhishek has been done. On other places usually Chola has been offered only this statue’s abhishek has been done.