Shri Hanuman Balaji Maharaj has given a divine message to Shri Vinod Bindal  to build a great temple in the society, mainly for the help of weaker people. In the year 1996 Mr. Bindal took the responsibility to build Shri Hanuman Balaji temple at Vivek Vihar, Delhi. He struggled a lot with Delhi government to purchase a land for temple and at last in the year 1998 he got a land from Delhi government for this Ex. MLA Sr. Ramnivas Goyal and every citizen of Vivek Vihar, Delhi has given their full support mainly Sr. Nanak Chand Aggarwal, Sr. Naresh Kumar Gupta, Sr. Anil Gupta, and Sr. Shiv Kumar Gupta gave their full support and from that day construction work of temple has been started.12345

Temple is currently fully established and with the use of silver and white stone various types of pictures, statue and sculpture work is going on in the temple.

Shri Sankatmochan Hanuman Balaji, from that place and from 10.04.1998 giving bless to all devotees. Shri Sankatmochan Hanuman Balaji’s darbar is so strong that if any devotee will pray and wish with his true mind, his all wishes will be fulfill and his all troubles will be eradicates. This is temple of Shri Hanuman Balaji, but Shri Mehndipur Balaji divine life is established but Shri Hanumanji’s all avtar will be seen here.

All effort has been made to create this mandir as religious place as well as very Scenic Site.

In the temple Shri madbagwat katha, Shri Rama Katha and Shri Krishna updesh have been given to society and for the benefit of people and continues effort has been made to awaken the people of society and this will be continued.

With the help of Shri Tulsiji holy plant a very beautiful and quiet park has been built. This park has been very idyllic because it is near to bhagwan Shri Krishna’s rasleela jhanki and waterfall.

Indian culture and ideals has been depicted inside the temple. All effort has been made to create this temple as a religious place as well as a beautiful sight. Lord’s all different form has been presented in the form of statue. The Bharat Mata statue will always give message of desh pram to future generation. Near Entrance of the mandir dawar Shri Ganash with Ridhi and Sidhi will be established. Inside the temple Hanumanji flying with Sanjivani parwat will be displayed. Inside the temple and under the kalptru all wishes will be come true.

Great architect and craftsman are giving their cooperation to build this temple. All work has been done using the best Rajasthani white marble. The temple premises has been built in 12000 sq. ft. It is estimated that around Rs. 15 Crore will be used to build this temple. With the use of pure silver all Shri Hanuman Balaji related pictures will be depicted inside the Garbha Gruha and Sayan Kakhya.

Shri Hanuman Balaji Mandir Special Temple building Supporters 

Mr. Ashok Kumar, Jhunjhun Bala, 16-D JJS Court Road, Alipur, Kolkata
Mr. Rajkisor Gupta, D-69, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Daulat Ramji Gupta, C-320, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Satpal Gupta, K-115, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.
Mr. Mahendra Singh, 223-A J & K Dilshad Garden, Delhi.
Mr. Ved Prakash Garg, C-333, Yojana Vihar, Delhi.
Shri Sharad Bhargava (architect), J-1 / 8, Krishna Nagar, Delhi.
Mr. Prabhu Dayal Sharma, 168, Siddhartha Enclave, New Delhi.
Mr. Pradeep Sethi, C-229, Surjml Vihar, Delhi.
Shri Ram Kirtan Mandal, D-26, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Haricharan Goyal, B-194, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Kishan Jalan, 3/95, Karan Gali, Biswas Nagar, Delhi.
Mr. Narendra Kumar Goel, 104, Best Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Yogesh Jindal, D-6, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Annandi Lal Bajoria, 6/1/3, Queens Park, Kolkata
Mr. Rajiv Verma, C-64, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Mukesh Gupta, C-71, Anand Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Lala Jai Ram Das and Mrs. Jamuna Devi Citkara, D-162, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mrs. Vnita Bosh, Shivanika Enterprises, Delhi.
Mr. Neeraj Agarwal, A-343, Suryanagar Ghaziabad.
Mr. Seetaram Jindal, c-146, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Suneel Agarwal, 998, Sec-14, Faridabad.
Mr. Pradeep Singhal, D-327, Anand Vihar Delhi.
Mr. Neeraj Gupta, X-3472/1, Gali No.-2, Raghuvarpura, Gandhinagar Delhi.
Mr.Amitabh Gupta, 5C/2, Rajnarayan Road Utkrash F Civil Line Delhi.
Mr. Gaurisankar Mittal, D-203, Vivek Vihar Delhi.

Mrs. Urmila Nirmal Bindal, 167, Kailash Hills, New Delhi.
Jindal, Shri Sita Ram, C-146, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Madan Mohan Gupta C-85/C-2, Ramprsth.
Mr. Sunil Agarwal, 998, SEC 14, Faridabad.
Mr. Bipul Bansal, C-54, G / F, Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
Shri Raman Sabarwal, C-190 G.F.Vivek Vihar Delhi 110095.
Shri Neeraj Gupta, X-3472/1 Gali No 2 Raguber Pura Gandhi Nagar Delhi 1100.
Shri Satyaprakash Gupta, A-191 A Surya Nagar Ghaziabad U.P 201011.
Shri Jai Prakash Rojal, B-223 Vivek Vihar Delhi 110095.
Shri Gauri Shankar Mittal, D-203 Vivek Vihar Delhi 110095.
Shri Guljhari Lal Agarwal, Vivek Vihar D-329, Delhi 110095
Mr. Y. P. Agarwal, 81, Savita Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Naresh Jain, 73, Kapil Vihar, Preetmpura, Delhi.
Malik Famli, A-16, Nirman Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Juravar Singh, B-66, Anand Vihar, Delhi.
Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, A-112, Surjml Vihar, Delhi.
Mr.Vipul Bansal, C-154, Ground Floor, Vivek Vihar Delhi.
Mr. Raman Sabharwal, C-190, GF Vivek Vihar Delhi.
Mr. S.P Gupta, A-191, A Suryanagar Ghaziabad.
Mr. Guljari Lal Agarwal, D-329, Vivek Vihar Delhi.
Mr. Naresh Garg, B-60, pahli Manjil, Vivek Vihar Delhi.
Mr. Kranti Krishn Mehra, B-110, GF, Vivek Vihar Delhi.

This is a kind request to all devotees to give donations with all their open hearts for temple decoration.