From temple basement and with the blessings of god, free natural domestic made and homemade treatment systems promotion has been started. Using this treatment a common man get away from side effects of high cost medicines. Here all kinds of yoga, meditation and other natural therapy information are propagated. With the grace of Shri Balaji Maharaj mandir committee actively helping people like leprosy, blind, disabled, mental and physical handicap and inside the temple one religious library has been established where ancient religion, power of god and nature related books are available.

With the help of Saint Swami Seshadri Swaminathan ji, a great natural therapy service center has been planned to establish. Through the knowledge of natural treatment any one can eradicate his own illness from root and that too only by eating fruits and vegetables without talking any help of medicine.

Regularly and successful workshops has been organized by temple for Yoga, Meditation, Atamviswas, Suryayoga, etc. by the renowned experts.

To continue all these services in temple, we would like to request all devotees to give their best support.

Committee’s goal is compiled in the following words.

सबका भला करो भगवान।
सब पर दया करो भगवान।।
सब पर कृपा करो भगवान।
सबका सब विधि हो कल्याण।।