Shri Hanuman Balaji Mandir, Vivek Vihar, Delhi’s symbol of sakti is based on one of the Hanumanji’s name. You can find all form of lord in the symbol.

On the right side trishule and damru gives the feeling of Shri Shiva and Matrusakti. In middle Teer (arrow) and Sudarshan Chakra which displays and gives feeling of all awatars of Shri Lord Vishnu. On the left side Gada and Sankh always gives the feeling of Shri Hanuman Balaji’s presence.

That’s why this is a very sacred symbol of sakti and every day depicted symbol “ऊँ पाप संहाराय नम:” that’s name of Shri Hanuman Balaji, pronouncing 108 times with your pure heart and 4 time parikrma of Shri Hanuman Balaji solve all your problems. Pronouncing Shri Hanuman Balaji’s name eradicates all kind of problems.

“ऊँ पाप संहाराय नम:”