Just to inform you that Shri Hanuman Balaji temple’s Prasad Sewa services has been praised by all devotees. To continue this system Shri Hanuman Balaji management committee considered the following key ideas.

1. In Hindu culture Prasad offering in temple is great work and according to the ability and wish of every devotee he can contribute to mandir bhandara. This Prasad Sewa gives benefit to all other devotees and he can also take according to his need.

2. Coming to temple is not just not offering of prasad, nor it should. Devotee should express their feelings near god and then should receive prasad offerings. Inside the temple prasad is not a sweet dish nor it is a grain. Every devotee and guest came to temple has the rights to get the prasad, it may be less or more.

3. Contribution of all devotees has been there on this social work. This prasad system is integral part of every temple. In Hindu culture no devotee accepts prasad offered in temple without contributing financially or any other way. Therefore to continue this feeling certain amount for services has been charged. If any devotee wants to take certain amount of prasad for his family or friends he is allowed to take according to his need. Otherwise all devotees will get free prasad inside the temple.

4. In ancient time when temple system was established temple is social judiciary, from this place all Political and Social activity of society has been implemented. Education, Politics, Social and Safety rules were written and implemented. Accommodation and hospitality has been provided to every guest. All social activity was carried out from that place. Every social and religious function is carried out inside the temple and every person contributes to those functions with his best effort. Prasad distributed inside the temple is called bhandara. Today same attitude should be continued to unite the society and uplift the society.

5. Due to that culture economically every devotee offer Prasad Sewa inside the temple according to his capability. And from that offering all devotees of temple will get the prasad. Offerings of prasad in temple don’t have any greatness, but to take prasad offerings from the temple has and to support that system of prasad has.

6. In addition to above we make Sri Prabhu as our family key member for offering bhog. As we treat at home to any guest or family member serving them food in very clean and peaceful environment with Tulsidal, water etc. Likewise same type of services are offered to Shri Prabhu inside the temple and then after same thing become prasad and same bhoj accepted by the devotees. Prasad offered by each devotee cannot be offer to Shri Prabhu with proper manner that’s why collective offering has been given to Shri Prabhu and same bhog prasad distributed in devotees and same has been distributed inside the temple.

7. In prasad sewa ‘‘तेरा तुझ को अर्पण क्या लागे मेरा’’ feeling is important. When we say I offered prasad to god then ‘I’ become main and Shri Prabhu become receiver but when we say I got the prasad then Shri Prabhu become main and devotee get all grace of god. That’s why offering to god concept is never developed but getting prasad from god message has been given and this feeling is most important.

8. In addition, if we offer food to our mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son or other relative from morning till evening, then after a while they get ill. We can see this same form in Shri Prabhu. He is not a nonliving he completely living and on which you see him. Do you don’t think that our lord will be ill if he accept our offerings from morning to evening. In Hindu culture same way we treat Shri Prabhu, as we think for any of our relative and except the same from Shri Prabhu that he would always give the same protection as a father gives to his family. So we should believe that god is live. That’s why each temple has a fixed timing for offering the bhog.

9. We all know that the way priest offer our offering to Shri Prabhu it is completely not in culture and it is just opposite of our religious because he don’t have time to do all activity. This way no one offer food in his house to any person. Just for the sack of formality all effort should not be done.

10. If you understand the feelings as often in temples the bhoj has been shown to Shri Prabhu and get back to us it is very difficult for Prabhu to see the bhoj, accepting the bhoj is impossible for Shri Prabhu.

“श्री हनुमान बाला जी महाराज की जय”