Respected Devotees,

From last few years under the blessings of Sankatmochan Shir Hanman Balaji Maharaj, we are living peacefully with joy and prosperity. Now Shri Hanuman Balaji Mandir is famous in every corner of Delhi because of your true support and help. Shri Balaji Mararah’s blessings have been always with the devotees and that can be experienced on every day.

As you know that your resolution to decorate Shri Hanuman Balaji Temple to the best possible so that it should be famous. The famous architects and sculptors are cooperating to complete this temple. The entire temple from inside and outside is built using highest quality white stone of Rajasthani, depicted with beautiful statue and sculpture. All sculpture will illustrate the Hindusm and Sanskrit.

It is estimated cost of Rs. 15 Crore has going to be used. For this thanks for your all efforts till you have given and expecting economic cooperation in future to complete this temple.

Devotees are requested to pay that part of income that are otherwise wasted or its is used in bad habit, as per convenience devotee can pay the just a small portion of that amount to Shri Hanuman Balaji and feel the joy and supernatural peace by blessings of Shri Hanuman Balaji Maharaj.