Since 2007 in collaboration with Apollo Hospital inside the temple constantly Angadan Sankalpa Camp has been organized.

Like Blood Donation, same way Eye donation resolution has been done, and same way other organs of body can be used to save others life after death. By Anaga donation resolution you are giving a new life to that human and his family but also you can see your loved one on other human body after his death.

Organ Donation is a positive attitude towards death. This is a best service and excellent for human mankind, it is a charity you can do after you death for those things that are unimportant to you.

Organ Donation is a greater decision for humanity. God gives us life but by donating some organ we can also give life to that family.

This is requested to all devotees to join in the organ donation resolution camp to understand and for joining in great work.

For more information on this you may contact Mrs. Pushpa Singh (M: +91-9971790614) She is working as an associate in Apollo Hospital.